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Top Five Home Fibre Broadband Plans In Singapore (2022)

After the first lawsuit was made against L’Officiel USA Inc. for not paying at least 24 freelancers they hired on time, it seems as though the woes of freelancers are finally being heard. 

Freelance work has become extremely popular with the proliferation of the internet, and the ability to market one’s services online. Hence, due to its accessible nature, and with the effects of globalisation and the internet, freelancers have become a very attractive job option. If you’re a freelancer, looking for an internet broadband plan to be able to provide your services online, then read this article for the top five broadband plans you can choose from in Singapore!

Singapore has one of the highest Internet penetration rates in the world, and hence the internet market for broadband services is extremely competitive in nature.

Although we have the three main telecommunications providers such as Singtel, StarHub and M1 that we all know about, there have been an increasing number of virtual operators who have managed to enter this market to offer very competitive rates. 

But what are virtual operators? They are network operators that have no ownership over their own fibre optic network infrastructure, and instead buy it from the existing telcos, and then sells bandwidth at their own prices.

Although the influx of information from the internet, and the variety of options we have available can prove to be very beneficial, it can also feel formidable at times. Hence, in this article, we will summarise the top 5 best broadband plans to cater to you and your job, like if you do freelance work and need the best broadband plan available.

M1 – starts from S$29.90

Back in the day, M1 was always seen as the black horse among the top three telcos in Singapore. However, M1 actually has quite a few attractive promotions that you may want to consider, especially if you sign up for a 1Gbps broadband subscription.

Not only are you able to get their next-generation Wifi 6 router for free, but it also comes with 4G mobile broadband, which you also get totally free for two years!

StarHub – starts from S$29.90

StarHub also has a few attractive promotions and free items available, such as offering installation, delivery and registration. An added bonus for new users who sign up for their 1Gbps plan would be getting a free Smart WiFi that is worth almost $200.

Furthermore, they also provide a one-year Disney+ subscription that comes with their 1Gbps which they provide for free as well!1 Although this would come at a higher price of $45.90 per month, instead of the usual $42.90, the overall savings you get from this free Disney+ subscription makes it a well worth investment!

Singtel – starts from S$44.90

Singtel’s offerings are slightly on the pricier end if you compare them to the previous two telcos before. But what they lack in affordability, they make up for in quality. They provide the highest speed out of the three telcos, at 10Gbps. However, another aspect that may be a slight deterrent would be that they only provide a two-year-long contract, so you will be stuck to the contract for an extended period of time.

Another attractive aspect to using Singtel would be their extensive plans, which are extremely flexible. You can actually choose the option of using either a router or a WiFi mesh, and on top of that, all their plans provide a homeline, and they also throw in free installations for your router.

MyRepublic – starts from S$38.99

MyRepublic has become an extremely popular option due to the nature of its flexible plans. They even have an option that does not have a specific lock-in period, which means that you are not tied to a specific contract. They also provide contract plans, from six to 12 months depending on your preference, at different price points.

What’s more, they provide similar options as Singtel, where you can choose between using a router or WiFi mesh.

ViewQwest- starts from S$29.90

Transparency is something greatly appreciated by many customers, and it is definitely something very lacking in the world of business today. However, ViewQuest aims to change this. The prices of their plans as stated is what you get, and they clearly divide their plans based on the speed.

They do not have hidden fees, and additional add-ons, making the entire experience extremely seamless and uncomplicated. However, due to its simplicity, you may have to make additional purchases, such as factoring costs of a router or getting someone to install the system for you.

Lastly, they also provide additional advanced features such as the Freedom DNS, which provides you with the ability to stream shows and movies that are only shown in certain countries.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Other things to note before you sign up for a broadband plan

1Gbps is the middle ground

As noted earlier, most packages include the 1Gbps plans, which are also the most affordable. Hence, if you’re just starting out and require something basic, you can stick to the 1Gbps plan, which provides you with decent speed.

Not all 2Gbps plans are created equal

However, if you prefer a faster speed, do also note that the speed of 2Gbps can differ based on the plan you choose. Certain plans offer two 1Gbps connections for home use, while others have specific uses for each Gbps, like gaming for example.

At the same time, the speed of connection doesn’t necessarily imply a faster network speed. You should also take into account the set-up of your home, and the router distances to your mobile devices.

Contract vs no-contract

Lastly, although we all need access to the internet, not all of us would like to be tied down to the same contract for an extended period of time. Some people appreciate the flexible nature of no-contract plans and are willing to incur additional costs to be able to obtain this flexibility.

However, if costs are your main concern, then a contract plan of two years would definitely be the most affordable option for you.

Overall,  there is no best broadband plan out there. You should choose a broadband plan which best meets your needs. If you’re a freelancer, who needs extremely high internet speeds, you may want to look at a higher speed plan. But if you’re just a normal user, then a typical 1Gbps plan may be suitable for you!

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