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The 8 Best Freelance Job Websites in Singapore

The freelance job market in Singapore is booming. With so many people looking for extra income or alternatives from a 9-5 job, it’s not surprising that more and more freelancers are turning to these sites as a way of making their money. There are some fantastic resources out there for those looking for jobs, but which ones should you be using?

Some of these websites are well established and cater to freelancers from all over the world, whereas others are more specific and may only offer Singapore-based jobs.

We’ve done the research and found 8 of the best freelance job websites in Singapore for you!

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Upwork is one of the most popular freelance job sites out there. It has a huge database of job opportunities across a wide variety of skills, making it an excellent way to find work online.

Here is how it works: Freelancers bid for jobs posted by the clients. Jobs don’t necessarily go to the lowest bidder. Other factors such as skills and reviews are taken into account.

Upwork is open to freelancers around the world, so competition can be fierce. Freelancers can differentiate themselves by having a well-written profile and video introduction. One of the best things about the platform is that it offers a built-in payment system. This makes the process of getting paid an absolute dream, and is something that freelancers in Singapore can appreciate!



Quest was started in 2021 by a group of SMU undergraduates who wanted to solve meaningful problems.

They saw that the gig economy has grown, and the number of gig workers have risen too, but there were not enough platforms catering for this specific group, which is what gave rise to their idea: hire-a-hero (for a “Quest”).

Quest is a mobile application that connects gig workers with potential clients instantly and at cost-competitive rates. Users can outsource anything on the platform. From typical freelance services such as coding, copywriting and videography to spontaneous odd jobs such as furniture assembly or ad hoc delivery services, Quest is truly a one-stop online marketplace for everything.



Freelancezone is one of the most popular freelance job sites in Singapore. It is one of the first to offer a dedicated online network of freelance and part-time work. It boasts over 100,000 registered freelancers and is growing every day!

It offers a variety of freelance jobs in sales, admin, digital marketing, accounting and more.

Most of the jobs are available to registered members only. But fret not, registration is free and the process takes minutes. Job seekers will be able to search for jobs from various companies and categories.


Creatives At Work (CAW)

Creatives At Work is a platform for freelance media professionals to find jobs in Singapore. Compared to other platforms, it is a media agency with over 1500 carefully curated freelancers.

It’s free to join, but membership will only give you access to the job listings that are relevant to your skill sets. All freelancers are required to go through a rigorous screening process that identifies experts in their fields.

Employers will connect with a super freelancer or CAW will help them to build a custom freelance team according to their needs, as well as project manage the team!


Glance is a local freelance platform that connects skillful freelancers to employers. Jobs are in a range from design, tech & programming, digital marketing, business to visual & audio.

To apply for a job, you simply have to create an account and chat with the employer on the platform.

The competition isn’t high but jobs look somewhat outdated at the time of writing, with the latest job listings being a few weeks old.



Cultjobs is a platform for the creative industry in Singapore. Their FAQ section is very clear on the job requirements:

  • “creative jobs that are based in Singapore.”
  • “jobs that fall on the business side of a creative field.”
  • “We do not accept financial advisor, outsourced sales & marketing and F&B roles.”

The majority of their roles are full-time, but there is a demand for freelancers and part-timers. Applying for a job is straightforward, you need to sign in with a LinkedIn account or create a profile and apply for the job.



Glints is a platform that matches professionals with employers. There is an emphasis on career development and employability skills.

While their focus is on internships, there are also full-time, part-time, and freelance roles which not many people may be aware of. To get there, click here to access their jobs portal and select the job type you are looking for.



Wantedly isn’t your typical job portal. It offers a social recruiting and employer branding platform.

Job headlines are descriptive and to the point, while each job gives an introduction of who the company is, what they are doing do, how they are doing it, and what they look for in a team member.

To see freelance jobs, select Freelance in the Employment Type drop-down option.



While we are on the topic of freelancing, it is worth mentioning that LinkedIn has a jobs section. In addition to working with companies and recruiters directly, you can also find freelance gigs here too!

You can filter jobs by title, skill, experience level, country and more. LinkedIn can also send you email alerts to try and match you with job opportunities.

It is an underutilized platform to find freelance work, as many companies are on LinkedIn and use it extensively to find people for hire. You can tailor your profile to appeal to employers or easily link your resume, all of which make for a great experience.

We hope you’ve found this post useful! Check out our blog here for more great articles on freelancing and business.


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