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Opportunities for freelance software developers

Opportunities for freelance software developers

Thinking of a career transition to programming — seems like now is the best time. Frontend, backend and full stack developers are the highest in demand this year. There is also a great demand for artificial intelligence & machine learning engineers, data scientists to work on short-term and long-term projects with companies.

As a freelance developer you can choose to work in multiple ways and here are a few ways to make your search better:

Software developer for a startup: If you are a full time freelance software developer, then you can wish to work with startups that are upcoming and work on a retainer model so that you can help them in building an MVP. This will provide you with a constant revenue and also a great exposure to a product cycle from scratch. Entrepreneurs and single founders do not find tech resources very easily and as a freelancer you can devote your time to them in building their version 1 of tech product.

Tech Consultant: Boutique software companies do not have all the expertise that their clients require and they often look for tech consultants to help them in that particular project. A freelance software developer is a perfect fit for this as you have short term commitment for the project and you will be paid very high depending upon the complexity of the project. As a tech consultant you can work with companies who are opting for digital transformation and need expert guidance, you can add your expertise to make things easier for a company.

Product manager: Many entrepreneurs these days are business people who need tech support from the outside. These founders have great business ideas but lack a product roadmap and you can add your experience to give them that. Great product features are made by brainstorming and understanding the problem with a holistic approach.

App developer: Every consumer tech startups or companies are required to make an appealing mobile application for their users. We know that it is very difficult to maintain a highly paid app development team for small companies and they look for contract based or project-based freelancers for those roles. As a freelancer, you can build your expertise on app development and help such companies in building great applications for their users.

Lastly, software development is a key aspect for any company at this point of time. So as a freelancer you can opt to choose from various roles depending on the complexity of the project and the exposure you would gain from that. It is always advisable to take up challenging and inspiring work which can make you move ahead in your freelancing career.

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

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