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How to grow your clients

Freelancing is an awesome journey, and you need great clients to give you that awesome ride. Experienced employees and seasoned freelancers usually find it easy to find clients based on their experience and working with multiple people, however it is an enigmatic task to newbies in the freelancing ecosystem. Here we are providing you with some ideas to land your clients.

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Freelancer job sites: This is the best place to start, where you can get thousands of job posts from around the world and you can work on them. Try to develop a great profile on these portals as these reviews and rankings matter to your growth as a freelancer. There are so many sites that offer freelancer job postings and are region specific. Some global sites that you can check are Upwork, Fiverr,

Social media Presence: As a freelancer you need to keep your social media active and make professional connections on LinkedIn. By being active on the social media you will be up with latest trends and get to know more people who are in your domain. Moreover, it is good to post on social media about your work and share some trends which can catch attention of your prospective clients.

Networking by joining a co-working space: It’s hard to get clients through networking virtually all day and you can consider joining a co-working space. These office spaces have startups and key employees working and be sure to talk to those around you. Even if they don’t need your services, they may know someone who does and try to leverage their network.

Attend local events: Living in Singapore it is not hard to find some networking events nearby. Companies hold these events to gain some attention, or appeal to professionals who may want to join their team. As a freelancer, you should certainly be seeking out events like this in your area so you can go and make connections.

Optimise your website portfolio: A personal website is your clients’ way of seeing who you are and what your business has to offer, and your portfolio You can display this under a separate tab on your website, along with your rates and testimonials. This makes the communication easy and you can promote your website on social media and also prefer doing some email marketing.

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