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How can videographers stay relevant in the pandemic

While the pandemic creates all sorts of uncertainty around events and shows — here are some exciting opportunities for videographers during the pandemic that you should definitely give some thought to.

Growing with influencers and creators:
Social media usage is at all time highs with the pandemic — to the extent that virtual lives are a great escape for individuals. This creates a wonderful opportunity for social media celebrities to rise to fame and continue creating content. Looking for meaningful projects and partnerships with up and coming social media icons can be a great ticket to a steady stream of videography projects. Almost think about it as growing with the influencer — the better the influencer does, the more demand there is for your videography services if they like partnering with you.

Focusing on the booming on-demand content platforms:
Platforms like Netflix, Disney +, Hulu and even local channels switching to on demand tv and video content are amidst a huge push to develop good quality video content at the right time. Joining the creative chain that supports any of these streaming platforms is a sure shot way to gain videographer projects even if they are creating interviews, social media clips or working with new small scale production houses.

Developing training content:
During the pandemic a lot of freelancers are upskilling. Creating your own content and training others to learn videography can be an interesting way of creating long term revenue streams through platforms like youtube, skill share and many others.

Reviewing tools for the trade:
Sponsorships and requests from companies building tools for videographers may be a great source of earnings as many people turn to learning new crafts. Brands would love to sponsor social media posts and reviews by leading videographers.

Reaching out to small business clients:
Small businesses that are digitising to stay relevant in a remote world are great sources of projects and revenues. Though these may be unconventional businesses filming commercials for corner grocery stores or boutique going online might lead to a steady stream of work.

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