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Maximise earnings as a freelancer

Been freelancing for a few years but unsure of how you can start increasing the fees you charge to customers? Here are some tips that will go a long way in maximising your earnings.

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Create a package for your services: Many clients ask for multiple services and would be interested in taking them from one freelancer instead of multiple people. You can bundle your services with other freelancers and create a package that can help them to come to you as a one stop solution. In this way you can get more referrals and also can manage to quote more than what you can individually quote to the client.

Build your customer base: While many of your clients only reach out to you on a one-time basis, it is always advisable to create a long-term relation with them and make your own customer segment. Some of your services could be recurring and you can also offer such services on a subscription basis, which gets you more revenue and can nurture a good relationship with your clients.

Offer your knowledge: You are the master of your skills. This keeps you ahead of many newbies and you can share your knowledge. To monetise your knowledge, you can create a short term online courses that are recorded and sell it to people who are willing to learn about your field. You can also allow some time to do one-on- one mentoring and consulting sessions where you can charge a fee from the people.

Upselling to existing clients: Over the time you will develop new skills in your domain and your early customers are also growing. It is always a great idea to upsell your new skills to your old clients. For example, your first few clients have taken a graphic design service from your where you offered them a basic designs and now you can offer them some advanced designs made with latest software. In this way your cost of customer acquisition is lowered, and you can quote them higher as they know the quality of your work better than first time customers.

As a freelancer, establishing your client base and increasing your earning potential will be one of your biggest challenges. These are some of the strategies that you can implement now to increase your earnings and it will help you grow your freelancing journey. By continually working to increase your client base as well as your income opportunities, you will be able to grow and develop your freelance business as well as your reputation in the field.

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