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Building your personal brand

As a freelancer it is very important to build your personal brand which can make you relevant and gain recognition in your target audience. It is an intangible driver that makes you unique and helps people to easily relate to your work. Besides the financial services that Friz offers to the freelancing community we are always here to communicate important messages and help freelancers to grow their career.

Why Now?

There is a 24% rise in the number of freelancers in the last 2 years and it is expected to double in the coming 5 years. Covid-19 has made everyone rethink the way we work and remote working has gained wide popularity across the globe. We can observe an increasing growth in the competition and there is always someone easily available to substitute your work. Hence it is required to make your own audience/clients to have a better impression about you.

Jeff Bezos once said- “Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”.

There are many ways to build a personal brand, but let’s discuss a few hacks that we have researched and have worked well for our freelancers.

Personal Website:

Create a website for yourself that can give you a proper presence and visual identity. You can also create a website using basic templates from or and these platforms also allow you to create an email address on your name, which looks more professional in this context. You can mention here about your personal and professional journey and try to highlight the key projects in your career. You can also add your portfolio and major corporate clients that you worked with in the past. Do not forget to add the contact details along with your social media handles to allow people to follow you across the platforms. This will definitely create credibility and instills a sense of professionalism in your audience.

Be Active on Social Media:

Social media is one of the key places to make or break a thought. To create a personal brand, you must constantly interact and share information on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram to highlight your presence. You are mistaken if you think that these platforms are only for social gossip because many big corporations are actively keeping an eye on these platforms and are head-hunting to offer short term projects to top talent in this space.

Build a Community:

Any brand starts by building its own audience that it can rely on and you can start one such community or be a part of an existing community. It can be a group of freelancers or thought leaders in your industry and you must be active on multiple social media channels, slack groups, telegram groups etc. Once you are a part of a larger audience, you must invest some time to initiate a thought process by sharing the relevant information about your work-related passions and topics in which you can really showcase your knowledge. This will create the base of your personal brand and define your personal space to influence.

Participate, Create and Host online sessions:

Many fledgling freelancers might not be completely aware of the latest industry trends and technology and it will be helpful for them if you can create webinars to share knowledge. In these sessions you can co-host with an industry leader and contribute your learnings in a structured approach. Many freelancers host master classes and boot camps on specific topics which see a huge appreciation by fellow freelancers and also non-freelancers.

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