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7 New Social Media Updates In 2022 that you can take advantage of to accelerate your social media game!

Every year since Facebook launched in 2004 seems to be going by faster and faster, with the transformative power of technology constantly changing the way people interact with the world around them.

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Just 4 months ago, Facebook announced its new name Meta, and the Metaverse along with it. While writing this article, Meta Platforms suffered the biggest one-day drop in market history, seeing $251 Billion dollars in value disappear overnight.

With certainty hanging in the balance, and “keeping up” no longer optional, We at Friz believe the only way to move is with the times. Therefore in this article, we present to you 7 ways how you can successfully leverage new features from Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn for an explosive social media growth in 2022!

1. How to become a TV Star!

The viral content platform TikTok is having its moment in the cultural present, and for many, viewing TikTok clips are an irreplaceable pastime in their everyday lives. The now-third largest social media increased its U.S. user base by 85% in 2020 and experienced a 142% revenue increase in 2021.

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Just while the media giant’s astronomic growth does not seem to be stopping anytime soon, TikTok seems to be looking to get their content onto as many screens as possible. Just late last year, TikTok launched its TV application on Android Fire TV in North America. Soon after, they rolled out their TV platforms to include compatibility with Android, Google, LG and Samsung Smart TV Operating Systems.

All these were already available in select European countries, but the move in North America comes with another deal. Announced in January of 2022, TikTok has partnered with Atmosphere, the world’s leading TV service for business and commercial settings.

With its free subscription platform, Atmosphere has been adopted to a wide range of restaurants, bars, gyms, and more, providing new exposure potential for TikTok creators, with clients including Westin, Taco Bell and Burger King.

How this works is that Atmosphere will not just convert one of its channels to a TikTok only channel, it will also, unlike the TV apps above, strip the original audio and dub the content with appropriate audio and closed captions.

Considering these new movements, if 2022 is the year you’re looking to make it big on TikTok, make sure to follow these few tips,

Tip 1:

Rely on simple, fast visuals! With this new partnership in mind, you should focus on making content that isn’t dialogue-focussed since close-captions can be difficult to read and may distract the customer from the video content. Instead, use quick and simple visuals!

Tip 2:

Make sure your content is family-friendly and take extra care in refining the presentation. Make sure your content not only screams “pick me!” in an Atmosphere board room setting, but is also recognisable, intelligible and entertaining when viewed with the audio off, from a considerable distance.

2. How to Triple your Reach on your Target Audience’s Instagram Feed

Instagram is launching a new tri-feed view, with three new feed options soon-to-be available in-app: Home, Favourites, Following.

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Here’s a quick rundown of each mode, along with the corresponding new Social Media Strategies!


This option is just the current Instagram feed we know now, where Instagram weighs posts from new and following accounts with how much the user is likely to interact with the post.

Strategy: Keep posting content regularly with a sharper focus on user-engagement, playing by the current Instagram metrics won’t go wrong.


This new mode allows users to view their feed only from a select few “favourite” accounts.

Strategy: Posting giveaways, informative content, or any strategy that offers the user long-term value. Encouraging users to “favourite” your account should also be incorporated into your marketing call-to-action where applicable.


This mode shows users only posts from accounts they are following, arranged chronologically.

Strategy: Aside from focusing on raising profile view-to-follow rates, focus on posting timing-sensitive content and/or posting at strategic timings where your target following might be online.

3. How to get “Hands On” with your Instagram Stories

Now if you’re not familiar with Spark AI, Facebook’s (or now Meta) own AR filter creation platform, you must be living under a rock. Using Spark AI, companies and individual creators have managed to make interactive games and filters as part of their marketing campaigns that can track users’ head positions and mouth opening/closing.

In 2022, Spark AR announced a new hand tracker function which can track the position of hands and whether they are open or closed. This means more options for creators to utilise Spark AR in order to create filters as part of marketing campaigns, or just for general brand pushes, in hopes that your filter will be greatly used.

With this new function, and the influx of new filters, expect the use of filters in Instagram Stories to spike, and take advantage of this wave to gain valuable eyeballs on your brand!

4. How To Go Viral on TikTok through Reposts

Being able to repost content on other social media platforms is a commonplace feature. In fact, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all allow for users to share content from other creators in one way or another. As of 2022, TikTok has started testing a new “Repost” option.

Photo by Franck on Unsplash

By introducing the repost button, TikTok is opening the door for even more explosive virality! While previously you could comment and like — metrics that would incrementally boost a posts’ viral potential — you could only directly send TikTok clips to your friends through in-app messaging or links. Now, with a click of the button, users can repost their favourite TikTok clips, pushing said clips to their followers.

Strategy 1:

Incorporating a “repost” call-to-action! Having an incentive for users to repost your content, whether it be deals, brand news, or popular influencer collaborations, throw in a line at the end of your stories calling for them to “repost”! Another tip? If you must, make it cheeky!

Strategy 2:

Be funny! A good laugh heightens the user’s mood, leading them to repost in their temporarily heightened engagement with the platform.

Strategy 3:

Specify, but not too much!  Besides deals and brand news, think about what else gets shared. If your content strategy adapts to take advantage of this new feature, then it must be more engaging than simply being “like-worthy.” Consider pushing your brand’s messaging strategy towards issue-based marketing and placing further emphasis on providing information. Crucially, this information must be important enough for users to want to share, while still being accessible to the lowest denominator.

5. How Getting Brand Deals on TikTok Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

In this age where key opinion leaders are rapidly shifting from traditional film/tv personalities towards online creators, brands have been clamouring for easier ways to reach out to creators for years, In aid of that, TikTok is now launching a creative exchange platform with which companies can present their campaign requests with just a few simple clicks.

Photo by Josh Rose on Unsplash

When businesses come up with project ideas for marketing campaigns, they can key in those details into a brief on TikTok Creative Exchange, a new one-stop platform for collaborative creative production. These details might include the preferred output, references to previous entries in the campaign series, relevant assets such as brand logos, images, and videos. Businesses will then wait a period of 36 hours where they can select from a list of TikTok creators curated for the project’s needs. If they fail to do so, they will be assigned one by the platform. 

TikTok Creative Exchange, aside from being just a medium in which marketers can liaise with creators, aims to be a full creative suite aimed at elevating the level of efficiency in communicating and amending concepts and final video output. For example, Marketers can track how well a project is going on a progress bar, and can offer feedback and submit approval at all stages of the process.

Photo by TikTok

For freelancers, especially creatives, this means it might be time to spend some of your time building up a portfolio of corporate-friendly video assets to get ready for this new tool to further change up TikTok’s presence in the creator economy.

6. How New LinkedIn Updates Can Make You An Influencer!

Live events have been hit badly worldwide by the pandemic for about two years now. With businesses and key groups in industries seeking to continue networking, LinkedIn has experienced a big rise in live events, increasing by 150% every year. That’s good news for us since that means the remote full-time freelancers can attend high-value talks from key players in the industry and international conferences all from the comfort of our home, (or from our remote working set-up)!

With that said, another thing this shift brings is the democratisation of events like this, since you no longer need capital and network to book an event space and host an event. 

Think about it this way; even if you’re always showing up to these events, you’re just a name in a long list of participants, but if you use these new features to plan and host industry events, this could put your brand at the forefront of these industry players’ consciousness.

Debuting with a Clubhouse-like audio chat room feature, LinkedIn, which will allow users not only to listen to the active speaker, but also raise their hand to offer to speak and react to the conversation with likes.

These audio rooms will be further updated to include video events and single person live streams. While the functionality of these tools may not be revolutionary, the strength of this new development is the ease of integrating your LinkedIn existing connections into these events.

7. How to Change Up Your Instagram Feed!

I think all of us are on Instagram, I really do, and if you’re the kind to post, whether it be for your brand or for your personal account, you know the struggle of wanting to change the order of your photos in your profile grid. 

Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

Well, Instagram is testing a new feature which will let you rearrange the order posts appear on your profile grid. This could be useful in these ways. 

Bringing old posts to the front in light of new events. For example, if you’ve posted about collaborating with someone before and you’re planning to co-host a panel online with them. you can drag the original post from ages ago so your followers can easily see the history of this partnership.

Worrying less about being more creative. Planning to do those multi-post large image things for your feed has always helped your feed stand out, but with that comes the trouble that you can’t post single posts very often since it will make the rest of those posts wonky, or that it might be difficult to archive old posts in fear of the same thing. Well, you can now be more creative with formatting. Social media designers! It’s time to think modular!

Theming your feed. Easy. Just post nice pictures and worry about grouping them based on mood or colour palette later!

That’s our roundup of the 7 most important new features to come to Social Media in 2022. How will you be taking advantage of these new features? Are there any updates you feel should be on the list instead? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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