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5 tools for graphic and web designers

Business is booming for graphic and web design as brick and mortar stores are keen on creating their digital presence known. In fact covid led to a massive spike in the demand for graphic designing and web designing freelancers — hurray!

Here are some tools for Friz customers looking to benefit from the boom in business by embracing more productivity. Let us know what you think about our recommendations by emailing us at If you would like to see discounts or cashbacks related to these tools on our Friz debit card, let us know as well. Without further ado — here are top picks from Friz:


Whimsical is a fantastic collaborative tool for brainstorming, wireframing and presenting ideas to clients in an easy to understand manner. What we love about Whimsical is their economical pricing — they offer a bang for your buck and work with amazing startups and enterprises as well. This means your clients may already have editing access to whimsical as well. One benefit of tools for brainstorming is that they help to establish clear communication from the beginning. This means there is less back and forth with revisions and happier customers.


Pixlr is a free to use photo and design editor that offers versatile photo editing features for any design job that requires photographs and real human imagery. Humanise any design collateral by using a good quality editor. It is a cheaper alternative to using adobe and easier to use as well — for freelancers who are trying out new design styles.


This tool is great for precise illustration and graphic design. From logo design to illustrations to perfecting print — Vectornator is the tool for you.


Designers typically use intuition to decide font usage. However, fontbase is a tool that allows one to experiment with different fonts without going in blind.

Fontbase is an absolutely free font managing website that helps add finesse to any design work. The premium access has paid features like advanced search, auto activation and advanced glyphs.


Icons are all the rage — whether you prefer simple minimalist imagery or detailed illustrations.

Check out these marketplaces:

  • Iconscout — a leading platform that features over 3M royalty-free icons, 3D assets and images from more than 400 contributors. Recently, Iconscout also added Lottie animations to their platform, making it easy to download interactive and customizable animation files.
  • Flaticon — 1593000+ vector icons in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS formats. The platform features a great diversity of icons, both free (with required attribution) and premium.
  • Iconfinder — a marketplace for SVG vector icons. Iconfinder specializes in designer-made vectors crafted for specific niches and industries.
  • Iconmonstr — another big stock directory. The icons are divided into theme-based collections, which makes search easy and intuitive.
  • Icons8 — SVG icons categorized by styles and trends.
  • Font Awesome — the web’s most popular icon set and toolkit, also it’s open source.

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