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2021’s Freelancing Trends in Singapore

The freelancing phenomenon has received significant attention globally and now it is seen as a progressive, flexible and autonomous job. In Singapore, more fresh graduates are now heading into freelance work, instead of more conventional jobs. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) survey found that the share of part-timers among the resident workforce continued to rise, to 11.2% last year, up from 10.9% in the previous year.

If you are considering freelancing careers to join and planning on picking up new skills — these are the skills in demand that you should start developing.

1. Mobile App/Website Development:

There is an increase in the number of companies, mainly startups serving south east Asian markets. A professional website has become indispensable to create a presence for a company at any scale. Moreover, if the company is directly working with customers, it is also mandatory to have a mobile app to simplify the process of communication and execute its services. App developers and website developers are highly skilled and most in demand freelancers in the Singaporean ecosystem.

2. Photographers/ Videographers:

The increase in the consumption of digital content has increased the demand for high quality visuals. Photographers are now hired for corporate projects, product photoshoots, Social Media content etc. In the same way professional videographers are being hired for shooting corporate videos, commercials, weddings at any scale. Studies say that a full day video shoot is typically priced at about $1,500 to $3,000 by the pros and expect this to last at least 8 to 10 hours of job.

3. Content Writing:

It is always not an easy task to create a convincing and professional content to impress the customers. Freelance content writers solve this problem of many businesses and promote businesses in a more compelling and appealing way to its customers. They are hired to write professional documents, website content, E-commerce listings, social media content, blog content etc. Creative content writers also help in writing scripts for advertisements, sketches for television shows etc.

4. Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is one of the most prominent segments to young businesses and startups. After the launch of their services, they hire external freelancers to promote their businesses and generate leads whom they can convert to long lasting customers. Creating a presence and making an edge over the competitors has become a herculean task for many entrepreneurs and these digital marketing freelancers solve this issue and create a unique presence in the market.

Online Coaching/ Mentoring: There has been an exponential surge in new skills that are required in conventional work force due to which there has been an increase in up skilling in the current work environment. Online mentoring sessions on hard skills such as technical skills (Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Product management etc.) and also on soft skills. We have also observed an increase in the number of wellness coaches, nutrition consultants, veterinary consultants and parenting tutors.

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